This is how Google is changing Gmail this month

Good news from Google: Our Gmails are getting a makeover.

As human beings try our best to figure out the hacks that will help us deal with bajillions of emails on a daily basis, the geniuses at the Googleplex are doing one better: They’re incorporating the tools we need, so at least our experience is a little more efficient when we write our 28th email in an hour.

And now, Google is adding three new features that make Gmail even more equipped to help us as we type away on our computers all day. Though the changes aren’t dramatic, they may prove helpful to those who have been asking for them — or who assumed they existed already. For everyone else, the differences are so minor that they’re unlikely to make a major splash.

So what has the G Suite come up with now?

Undo and redo buttons

It can be devastating when you’ve written a whole email and then somehow everything gets deleted with an accidental click. Thankfully, now Gmail will have undo and redo buttons — because mistakes happen.

These new buttons will be at the left end of the formatting options belt, next to the default Sans Serif icon. The functions will be represented by two curved arrows — one pointing forward, the other backward.


Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a super visual way to see edits or to know something’s been “struck” off a list. But until now, people weren’t able to do that on Gmail.

“We’ve heard from you that this functionality is critical to quickly and efficiently write emails, especially when you want to visually indicate a change in language,” the G Suite team posted.

The strikethrough icon will be on the right side of the formatting options belt, beside the remove formatting button.

Downloading emails

Now,  Gmail users can download emails as. EML files. For people who keep records of their emails and send them to others, this will definitely come in handy.

“This format is recognized by other email clients, allowing you to view the Gmail content along with attachments within these clients,” according to the G Suite team. “In addition, with this functionality users can now add these downloaded messages as attachments in their emails.”

This function will be available on the overflow menu — the icon with three vertical dots.

Get ready to undo, redo, strike and download as these new features roll out over the next few days.