Amazon expands on its free one-day delivery for Prime members

Amazon Prime members now have an even faster shipping option on more than 10 million products. Amid a shipping war between e-commerce giants, Amazon announced Monday it now offers expanded free next-day delivery on over 10 million items launching in North America before expanding globally to Prime account members.

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In a statement released on its website, Amazon touted the new achievement which marks the biggest shipping announcement since it introduced two-day shipping in 2005.

“We will keep adding more products and expanding our delivery areas to ensure Prime members get their products faster than ever,” the website read.

Amazon’s announcement comes just weeks after it initially spitballed the idea during its earnings call. The company in April said it would invest $800 million into the service to decrease the shipping window in half. Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky said one-day delivery was going to increase the “convenience” of the consumer.

But Amazon immediately felt competition from the outside. Walmart started its “NextDay” delivery service shortly after Amazon announced its plan, a non-membership offer which allowed next-day delivery on orders over $35. Walmart offers the deal on 220,000 products which is dwarf compared to Amazon’s 10 million which includes electronic devices, household goods, books, and more.

The company said it will continue adding products to the new shipping option.

Amazon has made an assertive effort to enhance its delivery game. The company unveiled its Amazon Scout, a six-wheeled robot wagon powered by an electric battery that was being trialed in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington. Amazon unleashed six of them throughout the neighborhood and the robot has been making deliveries since January.