Survey: 50% of Americans not taking a summer vacation this year ‘can’t afford it’

While workers in certain cities tend to check in with work the most while on vacation, some don’t even make it to this point.

A new Bankrate survey showed that while 49% of Americans say they aren’t “planning a summer vacation” this year — half of them saying it’s because they just “can’t afford it.”

Why people aren’t taking leisure time away from work this summer

Here are the results among those say they aren’t planning a vacation. People weren’t limited to one choice, and only the most common reasons are listed below (although there were others).

  • “Can’t afford it:” 50%
  • “Family duty:” 25%
  • “Can’t take time off work:” 22%
  • “Other vacation plans:” 6%
  • “Health/age:” 4%
  • “Don’t want to:” 4%
  • “Retired:” 1%

How much cash Americans plan to drop on vacation this year

Surprisingly, the highest percentage of Americans who say they’ll be going on vacation this year say they plan to spend between $1 and $500, at 27%(percentages were rounded, so the total is not 100%).

  • $1-500: 27%
  • $501-1,000: 25%
  • $1,001-2,000: 21%
  • $2,001+: 24%

Most Americans want to use all of their time off

Bankrate found that within the pool of Americans with paid time off, the largest percentage of them said they were aiming to use all the time off they have this year, at 36% (percentages were rounded, so the total is not 100%).

  • “All:” 36%
  • “Almost all:” 19%
  • “About half:” 18%
  • “About a quarter:” 13%
  • “None” (meaning, taking no time off “even if it’s paid time off”): 13%

GfK Custom Research North America did the survey for Bankrate, and “the sample consists of 1,000 completed interviews.