If you want to live in the fastest-growing city you should live here, according to this survey

The place to find the fasted growing cities is in the South and West of the US, according to a new survey.

Personal finance website WalletHub recently compared more than 500 cities across the US to find where cities are booming around the country. By comparing several different metrics like unemployment rates to population growth, the survey found that Lehigh Acres, FL, and Mount Pleasant, SC are the two fastest-growing cities in the US.

Lehigh Acres, located in Lee County, ranked the highest for cities with between 100,000 to 300,000 people. It was tied with some other cities for having the highest population growth in the US. Mount Pleasant, SC took the top spot for small cities with less than 100,000 people, while Austin, TX was named the fastest-growing large city in the states.

If you’re looking for a specific state to settle in with booming cities galore, look toward Texas and California, according to the survey.

It pays to live in Texas

With some dubbing it the next Silicon Vally, it’s no surprise Austin, TX was found to be the highest growing city for cities with a population of more than 300,00 people.

Housing headquarters for booming companies like Keller Williams and Whole Foods Market, Austin seem to be on the uprise. However, it ranked just No. 15 overall on WalletHubs list behind other Texas cities like Midland, McKinney, College Station, Round Rock, and Frisco.

Frisco experienced the highest job growth of any city, according to the survey.

Miami, FL ranked second for large cities with Seattle, WA, Henderson, NV, and Denver, CO filling out the top five.

While Lehigh Acres took the top spot, the fastest-growing mid-size cities are all in Texas.

Six Texan cities ranked inside the top 10 for mid-size cities, with Frisco being the top due to experiencing the highest job growth of any city, according to the survey.

Florida was represented beyond Lehigh Acres, with Cape Coral ranking at No. 5, while Enterprise, NV and Meridian, ID also placed in the top five.

California, here we come

Mount Pleasant, SC had the highest aggregate score for smaller cities with fewer than 100,000 people.

While Ben, OR and Fort Myers, FL followed in the rankings, numerous cities in California ranked inside the top ten including Milpitas, Chino, Indio, Manteca, and Pleasanton.

The Golden State had nine total cities inside the top 20 fastest growing smaller cities, according to the survey.

Fastest-Growing Cities in America

1. Lehigh Acres, FL
2. Mount Pleasant, SC
3. Bend, OR
4. Enterprise, NV
5. Frisco, TX
6. Fort Myers, FL
7. Meridian, ID
8. St. George, UT
9. Cape Coral, FL
10. Round Rock, TX

Slowest-Growing Cities in America

506. Portsmouth, VA
507. Waterloo, IA
508. Anchorage, AK
509. Albany, GA
510. Springfield, IL
511. Decatur, IL
512. Davenport, IA
513. Erie, PA
514. Canton, OH
515. Shreveport, LA