Tiffani Thiessen’s morning routine hack is something we can all do more of

Of all the characters on Saved by the Bell you know Kelly Kapowski was definitely a morning person (you have to be peppy at those early morning cheerleading practices.) And it turns out the woman that made her such a beloved character, Tiffani Thiessen, is too. Her secret for getting her and her two young children out the door faster in the morning is being the ultimate prepper. “I am the mom that gets clothes out the night before. I get the lunch boxes and water bottles ready,” she told Ladders at the SheKnows Media #BlogHer18 Creators Summit . 

This love of prep has helped the actress, who also starred on Beverly Hills 90210 and White Collar and now the Netflix series Alexa and Katie, launch a new career in food. Long before Zack Morris came long, food was actually Thiessen’s first love. “I was always that girl with the ladies of the family in the kitchen and then traveling to Europe when I was 16 blossomed that love of food into the cultures. Falling in love with French food and French wine and then Spanish food and Spanish wine so that really definitely made my heart and stomach bigger for that part of my life,” she said.

She’s back in the kitchen

This led her to come up with an idea for a cooking show called Dinner at Tiffani’s which lasted for three season on The Cooking Channel. “Most people would do books then TV, but I did the opposite. But I came from TV so it made more sense. But now she does have a book, Pull up a Chair: Recipes From My Family To Yours (out October 2), that incorporates that love of preparation. She writes about a cherry and maple granola she and her children make and then eat all week.

Though she commends her great co-writer as well as photographer for the book she admitted that writing a book takes a lot of effort. “Putting a cookbook together is like birthing a child with four hard corners,” she said during her talk at the summit. Like her cooking show, the book is sure to succeed as Thiessen’s foodie love is pure and true. “People can see when things are not organic, and my love for food is purely organic,” Thiessen said. “Woman’s intuition is not a joke. It’s true, it’s real.”