Survey: Here’s what people would give up to get ahead in their careers

New research from shows that today’s American workers know what’s important to them when it comes to both work and home life. The data shows that 57.6% of people who liked how they were doing at their jobs had a higher chance of spending less time on “hobbies or relaxation.”

The company surveyed 1,015 current American workers between the ages of 13 and 73, reporting that the numbers are based “on self-reporting.”

What the research found

The research also showed that 56.2% of people who didn’t like how they were doing at work had a higher chance of spending less time on “physical fitness and overall health.”

What workers would give up for other aspects of life

Here’s the breakdown of what people would give up at work for “other priorities.” It shows that classic aspects of corporate life aren’t absolutely essential to everyone.

  • “Promotion:” 53.8%
  • “Current role:” 33.0%
  • “Raise:” 25.0%
  • “None of these:” 16.7%

Less than 20% wouldn’t give up any of these things for others.

It’s difficult to have it all

Among people who said they were “divorced, separated, or widowed,” 40.6% have trouble having “a healthy work-life balance.” This is also the case for 39.4% of women and 32.4% of men surveyed. But it seems like everyone says they’re working roughly 40 hours a week.