Dream job alert: Get paid to watch (a lot of) ‘Friends’ for cash and swag

Haven’t watched Friends in a while? “We were on a break!” Well, you can certainly catch up with Rachel, Monica, Joey, and Ross and the gang by totally bingeing on episodes. That is, 25 hours of episodes.

In honor of the 25-year-anniversary of the hit sitcom and enduring cultural touchpoint, FrontierBundles is searching for one major fan to watch 25 hours of Friends for a reward of $1,000. (That’s about one-third of the entire series … or 60 episodes).

You’ll be required to live-Tweet your experience, but you’d probably be doing that anyway, right?

Could I be watching any more Friends?

Not only will you win cash, but you’ll also get a “Friends” fandom Fun Pack containing a t-shirt, a Central Perk mug, popcorn and treats, and a 12-month Netflix subscription.

Obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s hair? Or just obsessed with watching TV, period? Apply here by September 3rd at midnight, Mountain Time. Be prepared to answer the Ultimate Question: “Who do you think was right about The Break – Rachel or Ross? Why?”

Hurry, the gang awaits!