‘OK,’ ‘yowza,’ ‘twerk’ and other perplexing (and now official) Scrabble words

Scrabble loosened up and embraced slang and modern lingo when it added 2,862 of new words to its new edition Collins Official Scrabble Words. They’re the first additions in four years.

On the list of new words that raise purists’ eyebrows are abbreviations and words that are hardly more than utterances, such as “OK,” “ew,” and “yowza.” In an acknowledgment to the new language that reflects changing conversations, words such as “ze,” a gender-neutral pronoun, and “genderqueer” have been added. In addition, “cisgender,” “misgender,” and “transphobia” are now Scrabble eligible.

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“Manspreading” and “mansplaining” have also been added. Do you understand?

Some trendy teenspeak is now acceptable – “fleek,” “bestie,” “bae,” and “twerk.”

Also, “frowny” has been re-added after having previously been removed.

Other curious new words include:

  • “Bizjet” – short for business jet
  • “Qapik” – the currency of Azerbaijan
  • “Hench” – a strong and fit man
  • “Preggo” – slang for pregnant
  • “Hackerazzo” – a person who hacks into the phone or computer of a celebrity

Food hit the spot – there’s “arancini” (balls of cooked rice – and a word stuffed with many vowels). If you don’t like that, try some “bao” or “sriracha.” Yum!

If you’re on the run from the apocalypse, don’t let some “zomboid” character give you a “beatdown.”

Fun new words with odd letters, that are also sure to score high, include “dox,” “vax,” and “zen.”

“Not only is the list fascinating in itself, with many areas of contemporary life in evidence, but the inclusion of high-scoring words like ‘dox’ and ‘zen’ means Scrabble enthusiasts at every level can improve their game,” Helen Newstead, language content consultant at Collins, said in a statement.

Whatever your feelings about the new additions are, these new words should provide hours of fun for any “wordie” (5 points) to memorize and define – and ultimately, win.

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