This ‘Avengers’ star has a great hack for dealing with loss of control

You don’t always think of successful people as having to deal with the loss of control because, well, they are super successful and therefore should always have total control. Except any career, no matter how impressive or glamorous, is going to have high-pressure and intense situations and at some point everyone can’t be in control. Like unless you are a pilot (or a questionably calm and self-satisfied flight attendant) anytime you are on a plane you have to surrender control and put your life into someone else’s hands.

Now for many people (me being one of them) flying and other loss of control situations are not ideal and end up with me recreating the “I’m melting!” scene from The Wizard of Oz except with more shrieking and fewer ruby slippers. But for actress and producer Elizabeth Olsen, she actually relishes in these types of situations. Ladders caught up with the Sorry for Your Loss and Avengers: Infinity War star at the “Perfect Pairs” event to celebrate the Delta SkyMiles American Express Cards, a partnership between American Express and Delta Air Lines.

Part of the reason Olsen wanted to be a part of this launch is that she loves flying and as a successful actress and producer she is often required to travel for work. “I love flying. I love two things that a lot of people don’t love: flying and auditions. I don’t know why. Maybe the commonality is there is only a certain amount you can control or really it is the loss of control but accepting it,” she explained. Olsen relishes in a good long flight trying not to sign into the WiFi unless she has an urgent work email. “I find a movie. I fall asleep. I also love just sitting and eating on a plane! Warm nuts are the greatest thing in the world,” she said smiling. She did add that though an alcoholic beverage can be nice on a flight if you have to work when you land this is not the best idea.

Though she doesn’t mind a pressure-filled audition, Olsen says at the moment she has no plans to direct even though she is an executive producer on her critically lauded Facebook Watch series Sorry For Your Loss which just went into its second season. Created and written by Kit Steinkellner, the dramedy explores the life of young widow Leigh Gibbs (Olsen) as she deals with the grief of suddenly losing her husband while reconnecting with relationships of her past. Olsen’s performance earned her a Critics Choice Award nomination in the category of “Best Actress in a Drama Series.” However, she does enjoy being involved in so many different aspects of the show and spearheading the team. “There is a certain amount of leading by example because I am a producer and lead actor. I make speeches like, ‘I don’t care if you are running to get coffee or running a department, everyone should be treated like they matter.’ I can’t stand people being rude to each other. You just treat people respectfully.”