Adorable Latvian cat interrupts mayor’s interview

If you know cats, you know they consider few things more important than their personal comfort. Government business? Nothing to a cat.

The cat-loving mayor of Riga, Latvia’s capital, discovered this anew as he was on camera during a weekly, online Q&A session yesterday when a cat decided it was the perfect time to make a cameo appearance, according to ABC News.

But the furry creature didn’t just stealthily crawl in and out of the picture, trying not to be seen or heard. No— that just wouldn’t do.

About 17 minutes into the session conducted by Nils Ušakovs, the kitty boldly strolled in and took a sip from the mayor’s mug. Actually, several sips.

Showing a keen knowledge of cat behavior, the mayor waited patiently for it to have its fill, and just stared at the furry intruder with bemusement. He reached out to pet the cat and it jumped away. And just like that, Ušakovs continued, as if nothing had even happened.

But the mayor’s calm demeanor during this encounter makes sense, as does the the cat’s sense of entitlement: the feline that crashed his interview was one of two that was adopted and has been living in the town hall since 2011, according to ABC.

Of course, we don’t know how this will affect the cat’s performance review.