Study: Americans spend this shocking amount of time on their phones

Back in September of last year, Apple’s IOS 12 update enabled its users to denote exactly how much quality time they spend enjoying the splendor of smartphone technology a day. This new feature inspired the fine folks over at SimpleTexting to conduct a little study, to elucidate what screen addiction looks like in the United States.

The top offenders

Not only does the new tracker app keep you updated on the amount of time you spend on apps and social media it also keeps a record of notifications received and the number of times you unlock it. With all that in mind,  Simpletexting rounded up 2,103 smartphone owners, had them open up the screentime portion of the Settings app, and logged data points including their daily screen time in minutes and their most-used apps.

As you can see, Arizona is the state with the highest screen time used daily, with 276 minutes (that’s 70 days a year!), followed by a Nevada and Connecticut at 262 minutes per day.  The fine denizens of The Sooner State, Oklahoma, use their phones the least amount by quite the margin – just 131 minutes a day (over one month less annually than Arizonans). To be fair, if this survey is any indication, the national average is probably not as high as you might have expected.

Americans spend a median amount of 177.62 minutes (or almost three hours, on their phone each day) – high for sure, but I feel like I spend that much each day just Wikipediaing R. Budd Dwyer.

The average is further governed by generation, of course – Millennials are on their phones for 205 minutes (almost three and a half hours) per day, followed by Gen Xers (169 minutes), who use their phones 33 minutes per day more than Baby Boomers. The discrepancies become lest stark in the aggregate, all in all, every generation ends up using their phones for over one full month a year.

Women also spend a hair more time on their phones than men do (187 vs 167 minutes), but both tend to use the same apps, namely Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and Safari.

Did you know that R. Budd Dwyer was a Scorpio?