This is how much avocado toast costs in 10 American cities

If you thought the avocado toast trend was dying down you would be quite wrong. Hand stabbing injuries from cutting avocados AKA “avocado hand” are on the rise and according to a recent study, there is actually a scientific reason you are so addicted to this annoyingly Millennial meal.

The study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, isn’t that shocking as it just points out that the reward regions of our brain (the dorsal striatum and mediodorsal thalamus) literally light up when we eat delicious combinations of carbs and fats like pizza and avocado toast. Groundbreaking.

This is why people continuously shell out their hard earned money on avocado toast. Last year Square, a tech company that helps businesses process credit card payments, calculated that Americans are spending close to $900,000 per month on avocado toast.

And now has performed an extensive breakdown of which cities are charging the most for this green stuff.


Average avocado toast cost: $7

2.Los Angeles

Average avocado toast cost: $8

3. Dallas

Average avocado toast cost: $8

4. San Diego

Average avocado toast cost: $8

5. San Francisco 

Average avocado toast cost: $9

6. Houston 

Average avocado toast cost: $9

7. Washington D.C.

Average avocado toast cost: $9

8. Miami

Average avocado toast cost: $10

9. New York City

Average avocado toast cost: $10

10. Chicago

Average avocado toast cost: $11

Looks like Chicagoans are spending the most on this common brunch food. But before you feel too bad about yourself according to UBS Prices and Earnings report for 2018 London is now the second most expensive city for avocados behind Zurich. In London, three avocados cost on average $7.33.