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These are the 10 best cities in the world for business trips

Global business travel spending is expected to grow from $1.2 trillion in 2015 to $1.6 trillion by 2020. Even as many businesses move day-to-day operations online, there’s no substitute for building new and existing relationships offline, and in-person. As business professionals are deployed around the world, their productivity and expenses, as well as the quality of their experiences, can vary widely from one city to another.

In this article, we looked at 100 global cities to identify which are the best-equipped to handle the demands of traveling employees. We analyzed data from sources such as Business News Travel, Cvent, FlightStats, and the Federal Aviation Administration to calculate a definitive ranking of the best cities in the world for business trips.

In ranking these cities, we looked at seven metrics to measure the quantity and quality of a city’s amenities for business travelers:

  • Number of Hotels
  • Number of Sleeping Rooms
  • Number of Air Travel Operations
  • Accuracy of Arrivals and Departures
  • Hotel Costs
  • Food Costs
  • Car Rental Costs
  • Because of the wide range of travel costs, we did not factor transportation to and from the cities into our rankings. For example, the cost of flying to Bangkok from Los Angeles will be significantly less expensive than from New York. Similarly, the cost of flying to Madrid from New York will be significantly less expensive than from Los Angeles. This may affect the rankings relative to your business’ specific location.

Read on to see which cities made the Top 10.

1. Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is the best city in the world for business trips as it’s the only city to post Top 10 rankings in six different categories. The average hotel cost in Bangkok is $130.58 making it the seventh least expensive. In addition, there are 538 hotels in the city with a total of 89,212 sleeping rooms to rank eighth in both categories. In 2017, there were 833,082 flights in and out Bangkok to place ninth in the category.

2. Madrid

Coming in at number two is the capital of Spain with Top 25 rankings in five different categories. Madrid is home to 384 hotels with a total of 41,534 sleeping rooms to finish 15th in both categories. The city offers one of the most affordable food costs with an average of $81.87 for three meals, including drinks and desserts. If you’re traveling to Madrid, your arrival and departure are very likely to be smooth as the on-time percentage of its airport stands at 87 percent to rank 22nd.

3. Guangzhou

Capping off our list of podium finishers is the Chinese city of Guangzhou, buoyed by Top 20 rankings in five different categories. Food in the Chinese city is one of most affordable. For three meals with drinks and desserts, business travelers spend an average of $73.57 to place seventh. Accommodations are also cost-efficient as a hotel room costs $133.11 on average to come in 10th. The number of hotel rooms in the city is one of the highest in the world at 56,382 to rank 12th.

4. Berlin

The capital of Germany lands at number four as it finished within the Top 20 in four different categories. In Berlin, there are 137,297 hotel sleeping rooms to rank second in this category. With so many hotel rooms, it only makes sense that it has plenty of hotels; Berlin is home to 774 hotels to place fourth. With an abundance of hotels and rooms, pricing is competitive. Businesses pay $137.31 on average for a hotel room in the city to place 15th.

5. Singapore

The city-state grabs the fifth spot with Top 25 rankings in three different categories. There are 64,170 hotel sleeping rooms in Singapore to finish 11th in the category. The abundance of rooms contributes to their affordability as a hotel room in the city costs $137.01 on average to come in at number 14. Also, car rentals in Singapore are economical as it stands at $35.82 on average to finish 23rd.

6. Beijing

The Chinese capital grabs the sixth spot bolstered by Top 20 finishes in five different categories. Beijing touts 127,140 hotel sleepings rooms to place third. Those rooms are housed in the 704 hotels in the city to rank fifth. Getting around in the city won’t put a dent in your business expense account as car rental costs $29.46 on average to finish 13th.

7. San Antonio

San Antonio is the best city for business trips in the US as it ranked within the Top 25 in four different categories. Your flight arriving or departing late is highly unlikely as San Antonio has an on-time percentage of 87.35 to rank 17th in the category. On top of that, the city can accommodate large of numbers of business travelers with its 36,537 sleeping rooms housed in 275 hotels to rank 19th and 22nd in each category respectively.

8. Dubai

The capital of the Emirate of Dubai takes the eighth spot propelled by Top 10 rankings in three different categories. Dubai is home to 681 hotels to rank sixth in the category. These hotels have a total of 102,000 sleeping rooms to also place sixth. Lastly, car rental costs are the second lowest in the world at $15.24.

9. Las Vegas

The Sin City is the second city in the US in our Top 10 list with strong finishes in two heavily weighted categories. Las Vegas has the most number of hotel rooms in the world with 141,688 sleeping rooms. As the city is a popular business destination, its number of air travel operations is one of the highest in the world. In 2017, there were 1,035,115 landings and takeoffs recorded in the city’s major airport to rank sixth in the category.

10. New Delhi

The capital of India concludes our Top 10 list with Top 10 finishes in four categories. Getting around in the city won’t hurt your expense account as car rentals cost $9.15 on average to rank first in the category. Also in New Delhi, food is very affordable at $71.51 to place fifth. Hotels are also cost-efficient as a room will only set your company back $131.68 on average to finish eighth.

Henry Kanapi is a staff writer for Fit Small Business specializing in business and e-commerce. Henry ran small businesses while working as an editor for a small business/motivational website before joining the Fit Small Business team. When not writing, he’s busy organizing poetry slam events or playing basketball.

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