Survey confirms your office emails and Slack messages are likely being monitored

If you worry about your boss reading through your private messages at work, you are right to be paranoid. Take it from an IT worker whose job it is to manage your office technology. Alfresco surveyed 307 IT workers at U.S. and U.K. large companies and these workers acknowledged a hard truth: yeah, your office messages are probably being monitored.

The IT workers surveyed said that 98% of companies are tracking their employees’ digital activity.

Survey: A majority of companies are tracking employees online

If you’re an employee, be careful what you search for in a company computer browser. The top three items that the IT workers said companies monitor are emails, digital browser history, and the instant messages within Slack or Chatter.

Worse, too many of us are still unaware of this. The majority of IT workers said we would be “concerned” by the amount of activity being tracked. Some even went a bit farther than that. Eleven percent of respondents said that employees would be “horrified” to know how much digital activity their company can see.

When you gossip about layoffs and coworkers within a Slack message, it’s easy to believe that these messages are seemingly just between you and the intended recipient. But Slack stands for Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge, and through its Plus plan, employers gain the ability to access all of your messages, chats, and files from public and private channels.

This is a reminder to every employee that employers are not just watching what you say out loud, they are also watching what you do. Think twice before having that sensitive conversation on an office channel.