A former employee trashed his employer online — now they’re suing him

This will make you think twice before trashing a company online.

A former employee at a fintech startup has been handed a million-dollar lawsuit by his former employer after he made critical posts about the company on various online forums, including Glassdoor, Reddit, and Blind, according to a new report.

Man leaves bad review on Glassdoor

Wyatt Troia, a software engineer currently at Microsoft, began his barrage when he was still employed at LoanStreet, Business Insider reported, citing the lawsuit.

Representatives from LoanStreet, an online platform that lets banks and other lenders syndicate loans easier, claim that Troia launched his attack in early 2020, which included a scathing review left on Glassdoor that came shortly before he was fired.

“The founders are not skilled nor experienced leaders, with a bias towards pettiness and cowardice,” Troia wrote on the job board in April 2020.

More than a year later, Troia posted again on Glassdoor, this time naming several executives at the company, including Ian Lampl, the company’s chief executive officer, and Christopher Wu, co-founder, who he called “spineless sycophants.”

The post, which is dated June 21, claims that LoanStreet had “abruptly fired” Troia and withheld stock options that were promised during the hiring process. He thought they would begin vesting after a year, but Troia wasn’t able to get the terms in writing — and soon learned that they would not begin to vest until 16 months of employment had transpired.

Troia said that based on Lampl’s valuation goal for the company, he was duped out of more than $100,000.

“Stay far, far away unless you’re truly desperate,” the post reads. “LoanStreet is a raging dumpster fire and you will get burned like many before.”

In a Reddit post, Troia maintained that he was fired after he found mistakes in another engineer’s code.

Company initiates a lawsuit

According to Business Insider, LoanStreet is now suing Troia for defamation, which called his online claims false and “malicious.” The company also said that Troia purchased Google ads to target LoanStreet viewers and guide them to negative reviews.

They claim Troia was fired for “the poor quality of his engineering, his lack of engagement with this team, and his inability to cooperate with his peers or take direction from his superiors,” according to the suit. LoanStreet also said he fired off a similar tirade to the one posted on the internet in a company-wide email on his last day of employment, according to the report. Now there’s a GoFundMe page too.

GoFundMe page is created

Troia started a GoFundMe to fund his legal team. He said he’s being sued for at least three million dollars.

“They are throwing the kitchen sink at me, accusing me of breach of contract, defamation, injurious falsehood, unfair competition, and false designation of origin,” Troia said. “All the accusations are either false or are attempts to enforce contract provisions that are illegal under federal labor law.”

LoanStreet was founded in 2013 with a mission to create a “more efficient, transparent, and robust way to connect lenders and investors as well as administer their loans.” Their headquarters are located in New York City.