Suspect on the run from police stops into cellphone store to ask for job

A suspect fleeing police tried to duck officers by strolling into a cellphone store and asking about job openings, according to reports.

Jose Jimenez, 26, gave Massachusetts state police the slip following a car chase on Tuesday, then ditched his car and calmly walked into Osprey Wireless, where he asked if they were hiring, according to reports and video footage obtained by WBZ-TV.

Osprey Wireless owner Jeff Maron took Jimenez into his office to fill out an application and began to interview him.

“I didn’t realize how in harm’s way I was… He was just very, very calm demeanor,” Maron told WBZ-TV.

Outside, the building was being surrounded by police presence, including helicopters and dogs., WBZ-TV reported. One of Maron’s colleagues, Bryan Carpenter, approached an officer who showed him a photo of Jimenez, who was wanted for running over a state trooper’s foot with his car while fleeing a traffic stop last week, according to reports.

“He’s like that’s who we’re looking for, showed me a picture and I’m like, yeah that’s him,” Bill told WBZ-TV.

Carpenter led officers into the office, where they arrested Jimenez, according to reports.