The best pet-friendly places to work in 2018

At most workplaces, it’s still only humans allowed. But in an increasing number of workplaces across America, furry animals can co-exist peacefully with human employees. In an attempt to retain top talent, more workplaces are making their offices pet-friendly, because, for some of us, dogs and cats are not just four-legged beasts, they’re important family we want to keep nearby us. Eighty-two percent of Millennials, for example, see their pet as preparation for having a family.

If you would be willing to jump to a different job to keep Fido happy, then this new list compiled by Wellness Natural Pet Food may be for you. In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, they released a list of the top pet-friendly places to work for in America.

1) Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Located in Austin, Texas, this vodka company not only lets employees bring their dogs to work every day, it also has started Vodka for Dog People, a program that fundraises money for animal charities. The goal is “to rescue and protect the animals that have come into our lives, many of whom now thrive alongside us at our distillery and office,” the company states on its website. 

2) Petcube

Based in San Francisco, employees at this startup for pet technology get benefits for their beloved pets like pet insurance and dog walkers.

3) Harpoon Brewery

At the Boston-based company, a culture of welcoming dogs comes from the top. “Harpoon Brewery’s CEO, Dan Kenary, is a dog lover who decided to bring that passion to the workplace by allowing dogs in their office every day,” Wellness Natural Pet Food states.

4) Bissell Homecare 

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bissell’s dog-friendly office has a designated Pet Spot for dogs to play and get bathed, and even get special treats like doggy ice cream.

5) Glassdoor

Located in Mill Valley, California, the job-review company has about 30 dogs in its headquarters every day, Wellness Natural Pet Food states.

But if you’re allergic to dogs, don’t worry. There are still dog-free places you can find at Glassdoor.

“We love dogs and are happy to be a dog-friendly workplace,” the company states. “We also understand that not everyone loves dogs, may have allergies, or simply prefer a place to work without canines underfoot and are happy to provide a few dog-free zones in the office.”

6) Zoosk

At this San Francisco-based online dating company, dogs are welcome every day. In fact, this company loves pups so much it has a pup of the month award. “We welcome well-behaved dogs of any stripe, and recognize a pup per month with a special award,” the company states.

7) Zogics

This Lenox, Massachusetts-based online shop has a “Pawternity” policy to give new pet parents an extra week of paid time off. New pet owners also get a gift card to pet stores and a lifetime supply of Zogics Pet Shampoo. Be right back, gotta go adopt a pet.