More babies are being named after Marvel characters

One day in the future you could be bidding good morning to your coworkers, “Loki” and “Valkyrie.” According to the U.S. Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names in 2017, more babies are being named after Marvel characters.

The Marvel movie universe, which has brought us million-dollar films for the past decade, is filled with super-powered villains and heroes who can change the world with their green fists and their gutsy courage. Maybe these parents are hoping that some of those powers rub off on their children?

Here were the Marvel-inspired names that parents chose for their babies:

More Parkers, Wades, Natashas, and Peppers

  1. Parker: 1,487 females, 4,346 males
  2. Wade: 899 males
  3. Natasha: 355 females
  4. Pepper: 121 females, 7 males
  5. Loki: 5 females, 91 males
  6. Valkyrie: 63 females
  7. Marvel: 21 females, 29 males

Parker topped the list with 5,833 babies sharing the name of Spider-man’s human alter ego Peter Parker. Deadpool’s Wade, Black Widow’s Natasha, and fictional Stark Industries CEO Pepper were also popular choices. Some parents broke convention and named their children after trickster God Loki and Valkyrie shield-maidens sworn to protect the Asgardian crown.

With great power, comes great responsibility. When you are named after a superhero, you will grow up meeting people who will be associating your name with legends in comic books.