These are 10 best (and worst) states to be unemployed in

Being unemployed is hard enough with the stress and the constant waiting around for people to get back to you and also the fear that you will never have an income again. But unemployment can actually be way worse depending on what state, and we don’t mean emotional, you live in.

GOBankingRates ran a study to determine which states are the best — and the worst — to be unemployed. The analysis was based primarily on employment growth of the civilian labor force from April 2017 to April 2018; the percentage of the labor force that is unemployed; and the maximum amount of weeks of unemployment insurance available by state. Here are the findings.

The 10 best states to be unemployed in

1) Colorado

2) Utah

3) Massachusetts

4) Idaho

5) Tennessee

6) Minnesota

7) Vermont

8) Wisconsin

9) Texas

10) New Hampshire

All of these states made the cut because on average they saw employment grow between 2017 and 2018 by 1.66%. Colorado took the top spot because it had the highest growth (3.14%) and tied for the fourth lowest unemployment rate at 2.9%.

Massachusetts also ranked high because it offers unemployment insurance for an astoundingly long 30-week period (Colorado offers 26 weeks as does Utah.)

As for the worst places to be unemployed …

The 10 worst states to be unemployed in

50) Missouri

49) Alaska

48) North Carolina

47) Kansas

46) Florida

45) Connecticut

44) Pennsylvania

43) Arkansas

42) Michigan

41) Georgia

All of these states saw a decline in employment growth. Missouri had the least amount of growth (-0.38% and Alaska was 0.02%) and also only offers unemployment insurance for 13 weeks.