This is the retro hair accessory everyone will be wearing to work this spring

Headbands and hair bows once reserved for the likes of Miss Muffet and school girls are now the epitome of chic and the must-have hair accessory (and that includes in the office.)

Hair bows saw a resurgence this past year thanks to celebrity endorsements (Emma Stone, Mandy Moore and Sienna Miller) but mostly to the most influential of them all, Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has sported a ribbon (and she has always been a fan of the headband) on more than one occasion which means you know it is more than a trend, it is a life choice.

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As for headbands, they were all over the runways of Fendi, Gucci, Miu Miu, and Simone Rocha. In her spring/summer 2019 fashion show Miuccia Prada had her 50 models each wear a headband as they walked the runway. She wasn’t messing around. Black Panther star Danai Gurira also wore a gorgeous gold one to the Oscars this year.

Why is there such a throwback to these accessories we were all about in our pre-teen and teen days? Though they are rather ladylike the headband in particular possesses a queen-like power just as the high collar, which is also all the rage this season, does. The Prada headband that was seen on the runways goes for $240.

You can opt for a bold solid colored one or take the ornate route and go for beads. For a more subtle look, a classic thin black or tortoise-shell one also works.

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