So Americans are the most annoying to travel with…according to this group of people

It’s Americans that are the worst to travel with, according to a survey that did of 2,300 French residents.

U.S. was #1 (winning by 46%), as usual, in the Frenchie’s opinion of annoying airplane passengers. But there were other boorish nationalities as well, in their opinion.

2. Germany (35%)

3. South Africa (32%)

4. England (29%)

5. Australia (27%)

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Those darn Americans

But what do they object to? Is it our appalling leisurewear and our tendency to sprawl on the floor of dirty airports? Is it the way we must be constantly snacking at all times? Is it the way we are seemingly incapable of controlling our children?

The French couldn’t nail down which nationalities did the most annoying things, but there were generalities that grated on their nerves.

  • Being intoxicated (36%)
  • Having an annoying voice or accent (25%)
  • Overly loud (24%)

While the vast majority of the fliers the French deemed annoying were adults (81%), a full 19% were children. Well, we haven’t all read “Bringing Up Bébé” in order to raise the perfect, quiet French-style child.

While most French maintained a stiff and dignified upper lip and didn’t complain about the annoying, loud, drunken, and probably American people on their flight (35%), just over a quarter (28%) have complained, in an accent that we don’t find annoying, to the cabin crew. One in five deigns to tell the disruptive person to keep in down.

Considering that Americans are incapable of being quiet on planes, this new data has set France-U.S. diplomatic relations back years.