Working from home? Try working on a virtual island

Are you still asking your boss for work-from-home privileges? This real estate company is not only all-remote, but their “office” is a virtual reality island that resembles a video game, featuring customizable avatars and perks like a company speedboat.
eXp Realty, a real estate brokerage company that employs 13,000 agents, use their cloud-based office, called eXp World, to conduct nearly all their in-house business. (Brokers still show clients house and apartments in person, of course. )  The virtual world is mostly for training sessions or services like human resources or accounting.
Using a desktop computer, employees log on and roam the island campus’s different locales – from outdoor meetup points with a beach view to skyscrapers that house the brokerage operations, co-working spaces, and auditoriums for training.
Different rooms are selected from a drop-down box. Agents can speak into their computer’s microphone to be heard, and hear all others in the room. Selective muting is available for private conversations.
CTO Scott Petronis told Business Insider, who toured the space, that he’d only met “a quarter, maybe a third” of his team in-person.