Kate Middleton’s days making $6.81 an hour

Contrary to popular belief, Kate Middleton works. She and husband Prince William are two of the royal family’s “working royals.” That means they carry out duties in the Queen’s name, and represent the monarch at official engagements – think visiting charities and cutting ribbons. Hardly back-breaking work, but it is considered their duty – they’re paid private money from the Queen as well as public money. In fact, for years, Prince William and Duchess Kate have been dogged with accusations of being “work shy” – of not attending nearly as many royal events as other working royals, like Princess Anne and Prince Andrew.

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But as Marie Claire reports, there was a brief time, in Middleton’s far-off past, that she had a real, actual job, filled with hard, physical labor.

The summer before she went off to college at University St. Andrew’s, she spent four months as a deckhand on a boat, working hours from approximately 7 a.m. to 6 p.m and making only $6.81 per hour ($75 per day.)

As excerpted from the book Kate: the Future Queen, by Katie Nicholl:

“She took her meals on the boat and slept in a sparse and very small cabin in a bunk bed she shared with a fellow female deckhand….The boats were hired out by businesses eager to treat their clients to a day of luxurious hospitality… As well as washing the decks, Kate was expected to help load the 660-pound catering boxes on board and wash and pack away the sails at the end of the day.”

What was Kate’s most recent engagement? Ah yes: stepping out with the Queen, opening a new wing of King’s College London. Sounds just a little more glamorous.

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