Employees are overworked more in this state than any other

Living in Wyoming means you’re overworked more than others.

A recent study by job-searching website Joblist examined living wage data to calculate the average American family’s financial need based on where they live and how much they make hourly. Through their analysis, they found that the average full-time worker puts in 42.6 hours per week at their regular job, but shockingly, fewer than two-thirds get paid overtime.

The study, which used the US BLS 2018 Current Population survey as its backdrop, found that workers in Wyoming work an average of 45 hours-per-week, the highest total hours worked weekly by people with main jobs in any state. Alaska (44.1), North Dakota (43.9), Idaho (43.7), and Washington, DC (43.7) were the next states found with the highest average weekly hour total.

The survey found that workers in all states generally work more than 40 hours a week, but those living in Arkansas (41.3), Delaware (41.5), New Jersey (42.0), South Carolina (42.1), and California (42.1) work the least compared to others.

No matter where you live and work, when you add up the numbers of free work, the average worker loses more than $50 per week, according to the study. Over a year, an employee misses out on $2,700 per year on free work, with all full-time Americans workers losing $346 billion as a collection per year.

Full-time employees in Colorado, Maryland, and Washington, DC are being stiffed the most, according to the study. In all three states, the average full-time worker is underpaid at least $4,000, which means the average full-time worker in Colorado makes around $2.34 per hour less than they should.

Workers in Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Connecticut were found to be the least underpaid.