If your pilot has this accent, you will trust them more

If you’re anything like me (which hopefully you are not) then flying is not a joyous thing so if there that can provide even the slightest amount of comfort is welcomed. And apparently, a lot of that comfort can come from how the pilot sounds. A new survey of 4,207 U.S. travelers conducted by Jetcost found that 54% of respondents are more or less confident in their pilot based on his or her accent, according to The LA Times. 

So which accent helps to instill more confidence? Sorry East Coasters but pilots to the West make people feel much better.

  1. Upper Midwestern – 63%
  2. Southern Californian – 58%
  3. Great Lakes – 51%
  4. British – 47%
  5. Eastern New England – 39%

And which accents have people not feeling very good? It’s not looking good for Texans and New Yorkers.

  1. Texan – 65%
  2. New York – 59%
  3. General American – 54%
  4. Central Canadian – 45%
  5. Southwestern U.S. – 37%

For an anxious flier, this is interesting to note but really the only thing that brings me comfort on a flight is a mild sedative and a lot of alcohol but it would also be nice to be comforted by the pilot’s voice.

Interestingly we tend to trust people who have foreign accents less unless they speak with confidence. Take note New York and Texas pilots.