This is the worst job to have in the United States

Even if you’re one of the lucky few to get paid to do the thing you love to do, eventually time will supply you with a plethora of reasons to complain about it.

Some career gripes are universal: commute, annoying coworkers, lack of appreciation, etc. but some job complaints are both specific and warranted.

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Taking factors like pay, rate of employment growth, degree of stress, and environment into account,  24/7 Wall St. recently compiled a list of the worst jobs to have in America based on analytics provided by Careercast. 

The top five

Every job featured on 24/7 Wall St.’s list is defined by a relatively low annual wage, which means the other factors mentioned above play a more substantial role in discerning an objective ranking. Painters for instance, which were awarded the tenth spot, score a median annual wage of  $38, 940 a year.

Nothing to write home about, but there’s a lot of work for painters, as The Balance Small Business points out. So many potential vocations fall under this skillset, there’s renovation, curation, commercial art, and interior design, just to name a few. Moreover, If you’re self-employed the startup cost is fairly low compared to other homegrown businesses.

The jobs that occupy the top five, however, in addition to meager earnings, present several challenges to mental and physical well being. Military personnel comes in at number five, by reason of its difficult work environments (especially for those stationed in combat zones), and it’s particularly low pay. Many Americans enlisted in the military earn as little as 30,000 a year.

Jobs in retail come in at number four, which makes sense given they’re one of the lowest paying gigs in the country.  Ladders recently reported on the way Americans working retail jobs are driven to excessive alcohol consumption due to all the fake smiling encouraged by the industry. The author of 24/7’s list, Grant Suneson, expects rough terrain ahead for employees in this field, as online-shopping increasingly becomes the primary method for purchasing goods. 

Similarly, societal changes pose drastic changes for laborers of the number three spot: Newspaper reporters. Readers and ad revenue are experiencing a sharp decline in this industry, saying nothing of the median annual wage of $41,260.

Loggers are listed as the number two worst job to have in America, and for good reason. Fifty-five loggers died back in 2017 due to fatal injuries while on the job, and an additional 350 workers sustained non-fatal injuries. The average logger makes about 40,000 a year.

The official worst job to have in America is one that encompasses all the qualities above to some extent or another. Taxi drivers, typically make about $25K a year, rarely experience employment growth, and are subject to pretty stressful environments. Suneson, explains, “Taxi drivers work all hours of the day, sometimes in inclement weather, dealing with traffic jams and potentially unruly or rude passengers.”

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