Almost 50% of Americans would rather pay $5,000 than do this during the holidays

The coronavirus pandemic has made cleaning more important than ever in houses around the US. Americans have embraced the mindset of disinfecting every service in order to keep the virus out of their homes. We’ve managed to juggle work-and-life under the same roof while embracing the titles of Mr. and Mrs. Clean.

But with the holidays just around the corner, a large chunk of Americans want nothing to do with cleaning — especially when the celebrating is over.

Forty-six percent of Americans said they would pay thousands — paying as much as $5,000 — to have their home cleaned after the holidays, according to a new study.

A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LG Electronics USA polled 2,000 Americans to see how they will prep for the holidays the holidays this year. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calling for limited gatherings due to social distancing measures, the smaller parties still still has one in two Americans (54%) thinking about doing a big post-holiday clean-up despite hosting fewer people this year.

While a dishwasher and extra family sticking around can help with the cleaning, 47% of respondents said they are not looking forward to the overwhelming amount of dishes that need to be washed after the festivities.

“It’s not surprising that so many people conveniently disappear when it’s time to clean up after a meal,” Gail Conroy, head of home alliance marketing at LG Electronics USA, said in a press release. “In the past, dishwashers weren’t particularly intuitive, and the process required pre-rinsing, spot-drying and other time-consuming tasks that take away from time spent with family and friends.”

While it will be welcoming to see family again and share laughs and memories this holiday season, the usual thorns that come with the holidays still exist. Here’s a rundown on respondents’ lease favorite aspects of holiday dinners.

Cleaning, prepping, washing … and the family members least likely to help

Whether it’s washing too many dishes to cleaning the entire house before (and after) guests arrive, these annual routines truly are not amongst the favorites of Americans.

While 47% said washing dishes was their least favorite aspect of the holidays, 44% chimed in saying cleaning the whole house is not something they look forward to. When hosting, 36% said prepping the food and 34% said cleaning up the dinner table after the big meal was also a least favorite aspect of holiday dinners.

Thirty-one percent said shopping for food was a pain, which might be even more true this year with limited capacity in many supermarkets and limited dining opportunities due to COVID-19.

Like every year, there’s definitely going to be a family member or two that doesn’t help at all with any of the preparing or cleaning. Thirty-eight percent said children were the main culprits, followed by siblings (31%), a spouse or partner (30%), father (23%), and cousin (22%).

Americans’ least favorite parts of the holidays, ranked:

  1. Washing so many dishes: 47%
  2. Cleaning the whole home: 44%
  3. Prepping the food: 36%
  4. Cleaning up the dinner table: 34%
  5. Shopping for the food: 31%
  6. Waiting for things to be ready: 30%
  7. Too much noise: 26%
  8. Waking up early: 25%
  9. Catering to difficult family members: 25%
  10. Being in “host” mode:  17%
  11. Planning early meal in advance:  17%