A shocking number of teachers under 30 work a second job

Everyone knows that teachers have a difficult job – we’ve all heard the stories of how they buy classroom supplies with their own money or crowdfund for resources. Recently, new data came to light that one in five teachers are over-burdened by their housing costs.

But a recent analysis by Pew Research Center found even more economic realities of teachers’ lives. It was revealed that 16% of public and secondary teachers subsidize their low teaching salary by taking a second, non-school related summer job.

However, about the same percentage of teachers – 18% – held second jobs during the school year as well 2015-16 was the school year measured, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

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It’s the younger teachers with less experience that are more likely to work a summer job outside the school system according to Pew. A third working a non-school job during the summer of 2015 (the school year measured) had one year or less of experience.

A quarter (26%) of teachers under 30 workers during the summer of 2015, compared with 16% of teachers aged 30 to 39, and so on – the number gets smaller as the teacher gets older.

On average, a teacher’s summer job accounts for about 7% of their total income. Their school-year second job accounts for 9% of their total income.