Finally, something awesome every generation can agree on

What’s cooler than being cool? Being awesome or nice apparently. YouGov found when it polled 1,200 people across generations that generally when asked what something good or “generally favorable” is, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials have the same three go-to words.

In order of popularity: awesome, cool, or nice.

It’s rare that you have parents using the same slang as their children. But beyond those words, generations tend to fragment in how they express something is the awesomest – or is it the dopest?

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The lingo

Eighteen to 24-year-olds are still down with “awesome,” “cool,” and “nice,” but they’ll also go with a “lit,” (23%) “sick” (16%) or “fire” (12%.)

Baby Boomers like “superb” (17%) and “neat” (22%).

And Millennials, of course, are down with “dope.”

Gen Xers don’t really have any words that distinctly belong to their generation, but they’ve been known to use “fire” (4%) and “fresh” (5%).

Now that’s groovy.