These are the most (and least) dateable professions according to singles

Being a single construction worker or even a farmer makes you more desired than a single politician, according to a new study.

Dating website eHarmony published new research looking into singles who were seeking a committed relationship and wanted to find what exactly they considered they desired most from a potential partner.

When it comes to professions, being a politician or policymaker ranked dead last on their list while the construction worker ranked No. 11 and working in the farming industry came in at No. 23. The top professions that singles most desired all were based on health, education and public protection including doctors, teachers, veterinarians and firefighters or police.

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In terms of character qualities, singles said they were more interested in honesty (54%) compared to looks or attractiveness (34%).

What the study, which interviewed more than 1,000 people who identified themselves as single, showed that was most surprising was just how many people were interested in finding a serious relationship in the current dating climate. Seventy percent indicated that they were more interested in something serious compared to just a casual fling.

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Despite the rise in the hook-up culture through popular dating apps, over 75% of Millennials and Gen Xers said they were more interested in serious relationships, which ranked higher than any other age bracket.

Thirty-six percent of Baby Boomers said they were interested in something casual.

“The data illustrates how Americans have shifted their priorities when it comes to lasting love,” said Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed psychologist, in a press release. “Instead of identifying physical attractiveness as the most important factor in dating, millennial women are leading the way in showing that finding an intellectual and emotional partner is just as important, if not more.”

The most desired professions in a partner

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