Delta is trying to make economy class bearable with champagne and fancy food

No matter how many technological breakthroughs we make, somehow being a passenger on a plane today in economy class is still just about the worst thing ever. From the cramped seats to the lousy food to the never knowing if you’ll have WiFi or not and flight attendant service, sometimes it’s almost funny how miserable flying in the year 2018 is. But one airline is trying to change things for the sad peasants that fly economy. Are they give them bigger seats? No. But they will be giving them more alcohol and better meals.

On long-haul flights between Portland, Oregon and Tokyo Delta will be testing out a new fine dining service. Passengers sitting in economy will have access to “Welcome Bubbles” (Prosecco and peach purée) or a glass of LaCroix, San Pellegrino or Seagram’s. I mean you know you are classy if you are drinking LaCroix on a plane. And like the better people sitting in first class, these passengers will get a printed menu with meal choices including a salad with quinoa and pine nuts, pasta with cauliflower and Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Who cares if you can’t move your legs when you’ve got quinoa on your salad? This is as good as dining at a fancy restaurant (if you had to wear a seat belt and couldn’t use the bathroom at certain times.)

Though this is only a trial run a possible rollout for international Delta flights could happen as soon as November according to Conde Nast Traveler.