A third of adults sleep with this embarrassing thing

Do you have a secret hiding in your bed?

A third (34%) of adults still sleep with a soothing comfort item from their childhood, according to a survey of 2,000 people by Sleepopolis and reported by StudyFinds.

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Security blanket or teddy bear

That could be a ratty old teddy bear, matted stuffed doggie, or a disintegrating blankie.

That’s one in three people, which means that if you don’t sleep with a blankie or a stuffed animal, chances are your partner or your best friend does.

A separate survey from 2017 found that 40% of Americans slept with a teddy bear.

If you’re part of the one-third, this recent article gives advice on “how to break up with your bear,” suggesting that nighttime stuffed-animal cuddlers begin the separation by moving the bear to the nightstand during the night, then gradually further and further away, until a full separation is completed.

Surprisingly, sleeping with a comfort item didn’t ensure a good night’s sleep, which only 27% of respondents said they regularly got.

Forty-one percent turned to bedtime rituals, which they swore they couldn’t fall asleep without.

  • 32%: checking to make sure the doors are locked
  • 30%: listening to music
  • 28%: watching a favorite show or movie
  • 27%: reading a book
  • 26%: taking a warm bath or shower
  • 21%: eating a snack
  • 16%: having a cup of tea

Even with these nighttime customs, the survey found that even people who regularly got high-quality sleep still said they were still having two nights of bad sleep every week.

Perhaps if we find a way to break away from our bedtime teddies and blankies, we’ll sleep better.

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