This new AI service will transcribe conference calls in real-time

With a new voice-driven, artificially-intelligent service, you’ll never have to pay attention during long, boring conference calls again. After Dialpad acquired TalkIQ’s real-time speech recognition technology, Dialpad announced that it has created a beta version of VoiceAI, a service to give employees real-time transcription and analysis of what they just heard in a call.

Real-time transcription means you don’t have to pay attention to calls as much

Now if you drift off during an earnings report, the VoiceAI will save you when your boss asks for a follow-up report of action items. Dialpad said VoiceAI will not only give you “accurate, automatic transcriptions of any conversation,” but feedback as well on how the call is going.

Dialpad said the new service will “identify positive and negative intent signals in client conversations and calculate customer satisfaction scores for 100% of calls.”

When a conversation starts going off the rails, you’ll have a better chance at knowing when to intervene on a call. Dialpad said the service can provide “real-time recommendations to representatives as conversations happen.”

In a future world, technology can provide you with a detailed record of every business call you’ve ever had. That’s a world that Dialpad sees happening.

“You should have automated note-taking with every business call, you should be able to push into Salesforce and pull up your records or history of every support conversation you’ve ever had out of Zendesk,” Dialpad CEO Craig Walker said. “It’s literally just changing the power of these conversations from this one-time chat to being able to have actionable notes.”