Emerging Jobs You Need to Know About

A closer look at some of today’s fastest growing (and highest paying!) job titles.

A data study by Ladders found that the fastest-growing professional jobs in recent years are more likely to contain the word “analyst” or “developer” in their job title, rather than the previously popular “manager.” For those of you working within the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, this shift toward skills-related positions rather than management will come as no surprise. Today’s technology-driven society offers professionals the ability to earn a big pay check without having to take the management track.

If you do not work in one of the STEM industries or you’re new to the workforce, most of the professional jobs listed in the data study may sound quite foreign. It is, however, important to understand these positions, as you will likely work in some capacity with these individuals in these roles. Below is a basic explanation of these emerging technology positions and why they’re considered vital to many businesses today.

Business Intelligence Developer

In today’s marketplace where data is king, business intelligence provides a core function to help improve business performance. Business intelligence, or BI, leverages a set of technology and tools to collect and organize a company’s raw data and then transform it into readable reports. With such reports, data analysts and business managers can make informed decisions with the goal of increasing revenue and reducing costs. BI developers perform a myriad of duties from setting up data warehouse structures to meeting with business analysts and managers to turn their data wish lists into regular reports.

Data Scientist

The data scientist role is the next evolution in business analytics. Data scientists look at huge amounts of data in an effort to discover and predict opportunities, gather valuable insights, and influence business decisions at the senior level. As IBM’s vice president of big data products says, a data scientist is ” part analyst, part artist.” While the role requires a solid understanding of computer science, mathematics and analytics, it also demands an inquisitive nature and a passion for intelligent automation. One must be willing to challenge existing processes, assumptions and inherent ambiguity to uncover the best solutions for the business. Harvard Business Review considers data scientists to have the ” sexiest job of the 21st century.”

iOS Developer and Android Developer

With most industries expecting to see more than 50 percent of their website traffic come from mobile devices in the next few years, iOS and Android developers are naturally a hot commodity in the marketplace. These professionals write code for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, making it possible for professionals to do just about anything on the go, including job search. If you work in technology or are considering a career as a developer, you may want to become better acquainted with the most popular mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

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