The majority of men think there are enough women leaders at work, study says

A new study by the employment firm Comparably finds that 60% of men surveyed think that there are enough women in leadership positions at the companies where they work. Only 49% of women in the survey agreed.

More than 24,000 workers in tech and other industries at public and private companies of different sizes (tech and non-tech) participated in the research.

At a time where research has shown that some US tech workers think their companies don’t need anymore diversity and more than half of US men think the gender pay gap has disappeared into thin air, this finding makes sense, despite the fact that women still face huge challenges in the office.

Here are some other things the Comparably study found.

Women report their gender hinders them in the office

Turns out, there was a huge disparity between men and women when it comes to feeling like their gender gets in the way on the job in the Comparably research.

In tech, 50% of women thought so, compared to 6% of men. In fields outside of tech, things weren’t much improved: 41% of women felt their gender held them back at work, versus 5% of men.

Many report being sexually harassed at work

Twenty-six percent of all women Comparably surveyed said they had been sexually harassed in the office, compared to 7% of men.

IT departments at tech companies had the highest percentage of women workers who said they’d been harassed at work — 33%, versus 7% of men.