Here are the top 4 companies for working parents

Fortune and Great Place to Work released their list of the top 50 companies for parents who work showing how they benefit employees with children.

Here are just a few parent-friendly features of the top five companies on the list — plus what the companies want potential employees to know about working at each place.

1) Workday

Workday, a provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, reportedly gives its employees a maximum of 100 days of “fully-paid maternity leave,” 60 days of “fully-paid paternity leave,” and child care services either “on-site or near-site.” Workday also provides lactation room(s) and paid time off to aid a child or relative.

“People who thrive at Workday are team-oriented, driven by customer success, fun, adventurous, and passionate about changing the way people work through innovative technology. We have a special culture where you are trusted and empowered to do your best work. If you excel at being proactive in an unstructured and ever-changing environment, then Workday is the place for you,” the Great Place to Work review says.

2) Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software, a cloud-based human capital management solutions company, reportedly offers its workforce 50 days of “fully-paid maternity leave” (60 days of maternity leave overall), 20 days of “fully-paid paternity leave” (60 days of paternity leave total), and the health plan can cover fertility treatments.

3) Deloitte

Deloitte reportedly gives its workers 120 days of “fully-paid maternity leave,” 80 days of “fully-paid paternity leave,” 80 days of “parental leave after adoption,” and more.

Its family leave policy reportedly gives “eligible professionals” a total of 16 weeks of paid family leave to do things like take care of a spouse or family member “with a serious health condition” and more.

Here’s what you’ll need to know if you want to work there.

“We look for people who have the ability to lead in a fast-paced and performance-driven environment. Do they know their strengths? Do they value continuous learning, and are they willing to put in the time to develop themselves? Other skills and attributes we look for include the ability to think analytically to solve problems; the ability to build relationships based on trust; an understanding of market issues and trends,” Deloitte said, according to the Great Place to Work review.

4) Comcast NBCUniversal

Comcast NBCUniversal reportedly provides child care services “on-site” or nearby, and the health plan covers fertility treatments. It also reportedly offers lactation rooms, childcare reimbursement during business travel, and more.

“Comcast NBCUniversal is looking for dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative thinkers who are drawn to a collaborative and teamwork-focused culture. We recruit and hire solution-oriented individuals who take initiative, move quickly and execute well. Candidates who think ‘customer first’ – while being smart, energetic and competitive – are a great fit. Prospective employees must be curious individuals with a passion to learn, grow their expertise, and stay current on the latest news and information that surrounds the media, technology and television industries,” the company said, according to the Great Place to Work review.


Taking a step back, the research found that overall, 92% of all 50 employers feature “permanent spaces for nursing” and that nine in 10 working parents at these companies report wanting to stay with their organizations for a long time.