These are the top skills employees want to learn

Some workers feel like they’ll need to add to their arsenal of skills to keep up at work in the future. The 2017 Skills Gap Report, released by online learning company Udemy, provides a snapshot of what American workers want to get better at to further their careers, with the most choosing “tech skills,” at 43%.

Toluna Group did an online survey for Udemy of more than 1,000 U.S. full-time, 18+ workers.

Here’s what American workers think they’re lacking

With 35% of American workers agreeing “that the skills gap affects them personally,” other things employees said they want to get better at — other than brushing up on their technology chops — are “leadership & management” at 30%, “productivity skills” at 26%, “interpersonal work relationships” at 24%, and “soft skills” at 22%.

Here’s how people feel about the perceived US skills gap

Among millennials, 43% say they feel “personally affected by the skills gap,” compared to 38% of those in Generation X and 23% of Baby Boomers.

More than half of millennials — 51% — say they’ve lowered the bar in terms of what they predict for their careers, versus 21% of people in Gen X and 24% of Baby Boomers.

Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Udemy, commented on the research in a statement.

“The nature of jobs is quickly changing with automation, globalization, government policies, and other factors, making it impossible for anyone to predict which skills a job will require in the future,” he said. “This only serves to widen the perceived skills gap. In such an uncertain environment, it’s not surprising that workers are confused about how to plan their careers, but we’re encouraged to see how many of our survey respondents are learning online on their own and are hungry for more and better training from their employers.”