If you live here, you are living in the happiest state in the US

If you’re trying to find happiness and can’t find it where you’re living, say aloha to warmer days elsewhere.

Hawaii was found to be the happiest state in America, according to a new survey by personal finance website WalletHub.

The survey determined Hawaiians are the happiest by examining more than 30 metrics, ranging from depression rate to physical activity rates to income growth, before giving each state a total score. Researchers found Hawaii has the lowest share of adult depression while having the fifth lowest divorce rate in America.

If beaches and warmer weather isn’t for you, you can take in the mountains of Utah, or other states like Minnesota, California, and New Jersey, which all ranked as the next happiest states behind Hawaii.

While the definition of happiness varies from person to person, income is a big factor in order to lead a happy life.

“The relationship between money and happiness is interesting. If people do not have enough money and they are worried about meeting their basic needs (food, shelter, health of their children), then the lack of money will make them miserable,” said Daniel A. Sachau, Ph.D., a professor of Psychology at Minnesota State University. “For people in poverty, each additional dollar can translate into greater happiness. However, once people’s basic needs are met, then more money does not translate into greater happiness.

“Even at the level of extreme wealth, the richest citizens in the U.S. are only slightly happier than the middle class. Lottery winners are very happy after they win the lottery, but one year later, are about as happy as the typical citizen. So the absence of money can make you miserable but an excess of money will not make you happy.”

West Virginia was ranked the least happy state due to having some of the country’s worst adult depression cases and lowest adequate-sleep rate. Arkansas, Alaska, Mississippi, and Louisiana were also found the be some of America’s least happy states.

Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana were found to be some of the least safe states in the United States, according to the survey.

The happiest states in the U.S.

1. Hawaii
2. Utah
3. Minnesota
4. California
5. New Jersey
6. Idaho
7. Massachusetts
8. Maryland
9. Nebraska
10. Connecticut
11. Iowa
12. North Dakota
13. Nevada
14. Virginia
15. New York
16. Delaware
17. Georgia
18. Arizona
19. Colorado
20. Vermont
21. Washington
22. New Hampshire
23. Texas
24. Illinois
25. Wisconsin
26. Pennsylvania
27. South Dakota
28. Florida
29. South Carolina
30. North Carolina
31. Montana
32. Kansas
33. Rhode Island
34. Wyoming
35. Indiana
36. Michigan
37. Ohio
38. Maine
39. Oregon
40. New Mexico
41. Missouri
42. Tennessee
43. Oklahoma
44. Alabama
45. Kentucky
46. Louisiana
47. Mississippi
48. Alaska
49. Arkansas
50. West Virginia