This is the reason Millennials are getting divorced less

Millennials are responsible for the downfall of so many once-loved things: napkins, beer, cereal, face-to-face contact, etc., And now it seems they are killing divorce rates, as in they are actually better at staying married than than the generations that proceeded them.

According to a new study by the University of Maryland,  the U.S. divorce rate dropped 18% between 2008 and 2016. Researcher and professor Philip Cohen finds that a 35-year-old today is more likely to hit his or her fifth wedding anniversary than a 35-year-old in 2008.

Young women are driving this trend

The main reason for this? “The overall drop has been driven entirely by younger women,” Cohen wrote. He wrote in the paper, women are now “more likely to be in their first marriages, more likely to have BA degrees or higher education, less likely to be under age 25, and less likely to have own children in the household.” It’s also interesting because divorce is more accepted than it was even 30 years ago as is living together but not being married.

To look at the divorce rate Cohen compared the number of divorces to married women and found the 8% decrease. And the drop is more prevalent for those under 45 while the Boomer generation (over 45) continues to divorce at higher rates.