This is exactly how much coffee Kelly Ripa drinks before her very long day

It is one thing to get up in the morning, be half-asleep during your commute (hopefully you aren’t driving) and then waddle into work and not speak to anyone (grunting suffices) until you’ve had four cups of coffee. But what if your job literally required you to be perky in the morning? Well, that’s exactly what Kelly Ripa has had to do for the last since 2001 when she became the co-host of the morning show staple Live!

She is there to wake viewers up both in the audience and at home and get them pumped for their day. And she does it so well as she is beloved by audiences for her wit, sense of humor and boundless energy.

So how does she do it? Does she just hook herself up to a coffee IV the minute she wakes up every morning (at 5:30 mind you)? Does she use a magic potion? Well, according to a revealing interview with The Cut, it is a little bit of both. After waking up at 5:30 or 6 Ripa says, “I make a “Bullet Coffee” at home in the morning — it’s coffee, two shots of espresso and a tablespoon of ghee and then a packet of collagen powder.”

“Ryan’s [Seacrest] girlfriend got me hooked on it and I just sort of believe that if I drink it every day, my hair will be as thick as hers,” Ripa said. “Then I blend it all together and have this frosty thick beverage. I have a Starbucks latte when I get to Live. Then I will have a half a coffee after the show wraps.”

Why this combination of coffee? It’s perfect for a long, jam-packed morning. Dave Asprey, Founder and CEO of Bulletproof, told Ladders “If you’ve been drinking Bulletproof Coffee for a while, you know the impact that it has on your energy levels and mental focus. Combining medium-chain triglycerides like our Brain Octane Oil with other liquids increases its fat-burning effects. Caffeine also increases your body’s ability to burn fat for energy, making coffee and Brain Octane Oil a formidable team. The fats from the grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil also slow the absorption of the caffeine, giving you a gentler, steadier dose of energy throughout the morning.” –

No naps

So that is a lot of caffeine, but her day is hardly over after the taping wraps. Ripa serves as executive producer of the show now as well so the rest of her day is spent in production meetings. She also regularly exercises, keeping the 48-year-old is in tip-top physical shape. Her workout regime is a mixture of AKT (cardio-based dance), SoulCycle and running.

“I was talking to a cardiologist and he said to make sure your heart beats out of your chest every day. The more you exercise, the healthier it is,”‘ she told The Cut.

But what is her other hack for keeping up her energy levels throughout the day? No naps. Though some studies show that a short power nap can help improve your productivity levels, that is not the case for Ripa.

“I have a great energy level. I don’t nap, and I fear that if I did nap it would probably make me stay awake all night,” she said.