These are the most common dating profile archetypes

I think one of the least favorite dating profile archetypes is the “Smiling-peace sign-sunglasses – surrounded by a group of annoyed indigenous people – can’t wait to bore my friends with stories about feeding an Alpaca – aren’t-I-cultured?” pic.  

With 2,500 dating sites, and about 1,000 new ones being launched every year, there are way too many tropes to chose from. Thankfully, the good folks over at LawnStarter did the heavy lifting for us. Reviewing 100 men and women dating profiles, from a wide range of cities across the US, let’s unpack the most common dating profile stereotypes.

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Dogs, booze and ink

There are a couple of tropes that are shared pretty evenly among cities.  One-third of all female dating user profiles feature bathroom pics, for instance. Although the kissy face is a pretty ubiquitous feature of many dating profiles, Austin appears to be particularly fond of them, with 70% of female residents adopting them in their profile pics.


Residents of Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles, by and large, all opted for pics featuring them holding some sort of Alcoholic beverage. San Fransisco and Chicago ladies were big into showing off their cats in their profile pics, while Philadelphia and Washington D.C. were all about their dogs. Denver women were found to be pretty fond of both.

Beards, shades and cargo shorts,

Sunglasses and beards are the MVPs of male dating profile pics – 91% of male swipers sport facial hair in Atlanta and 83% of Bostonians sport beards in their profile pictures.

“Going into Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia, the majority of men are still convinced that showing scruff is the way to go,” states the report. “We also notice men are going out of their way to show off their pecs, with at least a third of all profiles here having shirtless photos.”

Some the less popular archetypes deserve a mention, too. Like 17% of Chicago men having dating profiles that feature mountains in them or the 46% of Miami men that boast cargo shorts in their dating profile pics.

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