Study: The higher up your building, the more productive your company is likely to be

Making it to the top of your career might mean literally making it to the top of your office building. There’s new evidence that more productive offices are located higher up.

A new study in the Journal of Urban Economics found that “high productivity companies locate higher up, with less productive offices lower down and retail at ground level.”

Productivity climbs as you climb up the building

We know that office spaces with coveted views of skylines do not come cheap. Putting your office up high in a skyscraper can signal that your company is doing well. “The status associated with height can impact value both by acting as perquisites for employees and by signaling productivity to potential customers,” the paper states. It makes sense then that wealthy companies would lure top talent with the amenity of a peak view.

The researchers analyzed vertical patterns of rent and productivity models in tall commercial buildings to conclude that productive offices are indeed located up top. “High productivity amenity-oriented office companies locate high up, with less productive offices lower down. Retail tenants, who are strongly access-oriented, concentrate at ground level.”

As your company grows in size, the amenities you will want to provide your busy workers do as well. Working from a room with no windows under fluorescent harsh lights is not going to inspire productivity. Working from the top of a skyscraper, however, may convince your clients and employees that your company is at the top of its game.