Marie Kondo just released a set of boxes to help bring joy to your life

Marie Kondo is coming for you and this time she has boxes. You may have been the one out of all your friends and coworkers to not drink the Kondo kool-aid and throw out all of your non-joy-invoking possessions, but there is no turning back now because now she is producing products as part of her lifestyle empire. The author of the best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (she has sold 10 million copies and it has been published in 40 countries) has created such a strong organizational approach and philosophy that her last name has become a verb for life improvement (the Netflix show is also in the works.)

And now if you haven’t already started throwing out everything in your closet that isn’t associated with a happy memory, she is going to make it easier for you. One of the pillars of Kondo’s philosophy is small, plain storage boxes which Americans seem to lack as we prefer giant things wrapped in plastic.

“In Japan, we have a great number of empty boxes but that’s not so at all in the U.S. With all the lectures that I’ve done, and the experience of publishing books in the states, […] my honest wish is for as many people as possible to complete their tidying, so that as many people as world as possible can live a life that sparks joy,” Kondo told Bustle.

Thinking in the box in a good way

Now you can purchase a Kondofied box through her company, KonMari, for $89 (available for pre-order beginning July 24.) It is actually a suite of three boxes called Hikidashi, which means  “to draw out” in Japanese. Not surprisingly they are designed to fit perfectly inside your drawers to help bring joy to your life when you pick out your socks in the morning.

The boxes, which she refers to as “tidying saviors,” are works of art (Cecylia Ferrandon, the former head of packaging for Apple, is now on team KonMari) come in four different colors and each with their own theme: wonder, balance, clarity, and harmony.”I really encourage everyone to ask what you would like to put in these boxes, to really commune with the boxes themselves,” she told Bustle. It is only a matter of time before your coworker has to leave work early to go commune with her clarity box.

This is just the beginning of products from KonMari (she also has three other books and consultants to help you Kondofy your home.) We can’t wait until she releases a kale-colored trash bag with the theme of perseverance.