This is the most divisive candy in the country

There is only one more day until Halloween so clearly at least 90% of our thoughts are on sugar intake. And honestly, is there another candy that is the catalyst for as many feverish conversations as Candy Corn? People are so absolutely divided when it comes to this odd seasonal candy and so is the county apparently, according to new data.

As comedian Lewis Black once joked, “Candy corn is the only candy in the history of America that’s never been advertised. And there’s a reason — all of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911.” It is the strangest of confections, even more so than Pixie Stix, Fun Dip (really any of the candies that are straight sugar in a tube or bag put in colorful wrapping so you think it is more) and the conundrum that is cotton candy. Good n’ Plenty has been known to break up many a friendship as well but nothing can cause a rift quite like Candy Corn. And yet today is National Candy Corn and here we are a country divided over it according to the staff over at food site based on geotagging data from Twitter.

 Over 100,000 geotagged tweets were tracked about “candy corn” and over 50,000 revealed a sentiment, or opinion on it. This data was mapped out showing which states are “pro candy corn,” and which are “anti candy corn.” And based on some of the tweets, many people have a very strong opinion on the matter. You can’t quite call it an East Coast or West Coast thing (though pro-California is an awfully big state) and though it was close the states that like candy corn won out, with 28 states as opposed to the anti candy corn states with 22. Also interesting to see the regional similarities and differences (the south largely doesn’t seem to be a fan).
It was also found that women like candy corn slightly more, as they accounted for 54% of the positive tweets, about it.  I, a woman, do enjoy the corn that is candy but only during the month of October and my diet also resembles that of Buddy the Elf so I am not sure if I should be looked at as a subject.