Half of Americans are preoccupied with one thing (and one thing only) when they vacation

Squeezing in one last summer vacation over the last unofficial week of summer? Well, we hope nothing goes wrong, but a new survey of 2,000 adults commissioned by Roku found that for 49% of people, having no WiFi would turn their trip into a “disaster.” Of course: That means no Instagramming your vacation in real-time, no working while on vacation, and no social media on vacation.

The only thing worse would be the very real problem of lost luggage (54%).

Other vacation disasters ranking below “no WiFi” include food poisoning (49%), bad weather the entire time (47%), and a lost credit card (44%).

Today’s traveler won’t consider unplugging

The survey found that 75% of Americans absolutely require Wifi at a vacation rental. Yet, only 61% absolutely need air conditioning, and only 53% said laundry was a must-have.

And if they’re checking into a resort of a hotel, they just can’t wait to swim in the pool – wait, I mean “get online.” They’ll wait an average 27 minutes before asking for the Wifi password after arrival. (And 42% don’t even wait that long, lasting just 15 minutes).

TV, too

Even morning coffee is getting the short shrift. When given a choice between access to between having Netflix or caffeine while on vacation, two in five respondents wanted Netflix.

Kids demand TV while they’re away, too. Amazingly, respondents said their kids want to watch TV within 31 minutes of arriving at their destination.

Top travel disasters

  1. Lost luggage (54%)
  2. No internet access (49%)
  3. Food poisoning (47%)
  4. Consistent bad weather (47%)
  5. Lost credit card (44%)
  6. Bad/unsafe location (43%)
  7. Lost passport/ID (40%)
  8. Got sick (sore throat, etc.) (40%)
  9. Air conditioner breakage (38%)
  10. Plumbing breakage (38%)
  11. Lost reservations (33%)
    Missed/delayed flight (33%)
    Terrible traffic (33%)