This is the shocking amount of Americans that lie, cheat and drink on business trips

The employment website Simply Hired interviewed over 1,000 US employees about the kinds of indecorous activities they engage in while away on business trips and the results were rather interesting.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

While it might not come as a surprise to many to learn that over 50% of respondents admitted to getting drunk after hours on business trips it might surprise you to learn that nearly 30% of Americans surveyed said they don’t wait until after hours to throw a couple back, admitting to getting drunk during work events.

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Managers and employees were found to drink outside of conferences the most, but managers tended to over consume more than their subordinates.

An additional 23% prefer to go green on their business trips with one in 10 saying they experiment with harder substances. Twenty percent pass on drugs in preference for heading to a local strip club or linking up with partners on dating apps.



Drinking up the ranks

The study further suggests a correlation between position in the corporate hierarchy and the extent of risqué behavior engaged in while on business trips. The authors intimate less vaguely that the amount of money earned seems to promote certain kinds of unprofessional behavior.  For example, the third of Americans that claim to be relatively well behaved on business trips is composed primarily of junior ranking staff members or workers that make less than  $100,000 annually. Conversely, a quarter of managers confessed to spending company funds on unsanctioned events.

Simply Hired explains, “These employees make more money; therefore, they likely have more money to spend, and the activities they participate in are usually things that can rack up a big bill. Drinks at a hotel bar, for instance, are usually much more expensive than your typical pub or restaurant.”

Executives and Americans in leadership roles were also found to frequent strip clubs, get high and drink at events significantly more than other staff members. According to the survey, “They feel as though they are the ones in charge, with no one else above them to check their actions.”

Risqué Business

About one in five of the respondents in the Simply Hired survey considered cheating with or hitting on someone while they’re away on business trips. The majority of the targets were strangers though 7.6% of responders at least thought about getting intimate with a coworker.  Over 6% of men admitted to going further than thinking about  cheating on their significant other and 4.1% of women joined them.

One of the unnamed individuals surveyed, simply labeled as “29 year old woman” that works in finance and insurance, recalls, “The HR rep of our region got rip-roaring drunk at dinner and was dancing and swinging her cardigan over her head. She had to be carried back to her room.

If you see something, say nothing

The survey found that, on balance, higher ups rarely got caught for their misdeeds on company time. They only exception to this was when it came to both infidelity and stealing.

Bosses were caught cheating about 1.8% of the time, which is just marginally more than coworkers and a shocking 13.8% of the time for stealing compared to the 5.8% contributed to coworkers.

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