This company will pay you $100,000 to leave your day job to pursue your dream

Would you quit your job to pursue your passion – opening a knitting shop/bookstore, finishing a novel, open a craft brewery – if you had $100,000 in hand?

Prana, a sustainable clothing store, is offering just that with its “Day Job to Dream Job Promotion” contest.

“We know from experience that personal growth often lies outside your comfort zone,” the entry page reads. “And sometimes, all you need is a friendly nudge to help you make that leap.” Very friendly!

To apply, submit a one- to three-minute video talking about your current job and what your dream job is. Also, it helps to make a demonstration of your passion on video. If you want to open an ice-cream parlor, why not show off some hand-made ice cream?

Entries will be judged on weighted criteria, including quality, originality, boldness, personality, and passion/enthusiasm.

The due date is September 16. You must be 21 and a legal resident of the United States. Students and groups are also encouraged to apply.

If you win, you’ll be asked to make the leap and quit your day job. The money will be paid out in $25,000 installments, beginning in November. Don’t go after your dream by yourself – get ready to share your journey and the ups and downs along the way with Prana’s audience.