These are the 'weirdest' professions in each state

There are dream jobs, where you get to watch TV all day, eat avocados every day for six months, and drink gin and travel with a friend, and then there are these. That being said, the site 24/7 Wall St. sifted through various information to come up with a list of the strangest professions in each state.

In terms of how the research was done, the site spelled things out, reporting, “24/7 Wall St. reviewed job listing sites, online databases, and occupation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify the weirdest job or job opening in every state.”

Check out the “weirdest” professions in each state

Here’s the site’s full list:

1) Alabama: Bounty hunter

2) Alaska: Commercial diver

3) Arizona: Bingo manager

4) Arkansas: Log grader

5) California: Dog surfing instructor

6) Colorado: Hangover helpers party cleaner

7) Connecticut: Telephone operator

8) Delaware: Materials scientist

9) Florida: Scuba diving pizza delivery man

10) Georgia: Chicken sexer

11) Hawaii: Golf ball diver

12) Idaho: Agricultural engineer

13) Illinois: Flavorist

14) Indiana: Airplane repo-man

15) Iowa: Wind turbine service technician

16) Kansas: Dog food taster

17) Kentucky: Mine shuttle car operator

18) Louisiana: Bridge and lock tender

19) Maine: Shoe machine operator

20) Maryland: Crime scene cleaner

21) Massachusetts: Industrial-organizational psychologist

22) Michigan: Furniture tester

23) Minnesota: Professional sleeper

24) Mississippi: Forest fire inspector/prevention specialist

25) Missouri: Dice quality inspector

26) Montana: Explosives worker

27) Nebraska: Dredge operator

28) Nevada: Gaming service worker

29) New Hampshire: Ash artist

30) New Jersey: Gum buster

31) New Mexico: Ayurveda healer

32) New York: Fortune cookie writer

33) North Carolina: Face feeler

34) North Dakota: Gas compressor operator

35) Ohio: Odor judge

36) Oklahoma: Rock splitter

37) Oregon: Professional snuggler

38) Pennsylvania: Chocolate taster

39) Rhode Island: Etchers and engraver

40) South Carolina: Nuclear power reactor operator

41) South Dakota: Correspondence clerk

42) Tennessee: Duck master

43) Texas: Marketing unicorn

44) Utah: Historian

45) Vermont: Solar photovoltaic installer

46) Virginia: Beer taster

47) Washington: Horticultural therapist

48) West Virginia: Mining roof bolter

49) Wisconsin: Floor sander

50) Wyoming: Roof-snow clearer

Have you ever done any of these jobs?