When it comes to wedding gifts this year, remember: Go with cash!

Summer is wedding season, which means that you’ll probably spend a lot of time stocking up on wedding presents for all your friends and family members tying the knot — just don’t make the wrong choices.

A recent YouGov survey of more than 1100 American adults found that money is the most desired wedding present at 39%, with an “item from the registry” not too far behind at 33%.

Clearly, it’s all about the green.

Other gifts weren’t as high up on the popularity scale.

While 12% of respondents chose a “gift card” as the greatest wedding present option, 11% said they “don’t know.” Four percent chose “item NOT from the registry.”

This shows that cash is still your best bet.

How much guests tend to spend on wedding gifts

Respondents weighed in on how much their presents usually cost.

  • “Less than $50:” 19%
  • $50-99: 26%
  • $100-149: 16%
  • $150-199: 6%
  • $200-249: 8%
  • $250+: 5%

Wedding gifts: how late is too late?

The research found that the most popular choice was “it’s never too late” at 19%, although the responses varied across the board.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • “Anytime after the ceremony:” 13%
  • “After one month:” 18%
  • “After three months:” 10%
  • “After six months:” 8%
  • “After a year:” 7%
  • “It’s never too late:” 19%

At the end of the day, you still have a choice to make when it comes to what you give the couple — but please don’t put them in this position: