Anna Wintour’s morning routine trick is so simple it is brilliant

When you think of people who work at Vogue you imagine getting dressed in the morning to go to work would be a painstakingly long and intricate process. After all, a huge part of your job is to look good as you work at the most decisive fashion publication in the world. And as the Editor in Chief, this would require an especially astute eye. But for Anna Wintour, picking out what to wear in the morning is quite easy. In fact, you could do it yourself.

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Work uniform

See Wintour has a work uniform. In fact, she has a life uniform. Beautiful printed dress (rarely have we ever seen this woman in pants) paired with heels and an exquisite necklace. Her hair is always worn in its signature blunt bob and then she just throws on her sunglasses and maybe a sweater for later and she is set. This makes getting dressed for work in the morning quite effortless. No break down in front of the closet for this lady.

In a new video for Vogue, she explained her morning routine hack “Well I have a wardrobe full of print dresses so every morning I just go to one of my print dresses of choice. It makes decision making a lot easier.” Considering that a recent survey of 2,700 professionals from Thrive Global and The Business of Fashion found that 49% of the female respondents reported that they have felt self-conscious about repeating outfits at work, this should make them feel better. (However, Wintour may not actually be repeating the actual dress but she is absolutely repeating the look.) And she is not alone in this school of thought as iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg said in an interview, “When you wear something you like — maybe you’ll even get it in different colors — you begin to have your style. I’m all for repetition.”

Summer fun

Wintour also noted that she tends to favor being overdressed rather than under. Keep that in mind even if you work in a casual environment. “Personally, I’m not too big a fan of casual. I think I always prefer when someone errs on the side of dressed,” she said. But interestingly, Wintour is a fan of the flip-flop: the most casual shoe in all of history. She even claimed to love this iconic summer shoe. What’s next Anna? Birkenstocks? Cut off shorts? A snowcone on a hot summer day? Madness!

She also spewed some advice on getting over jet lag. Another easy but smart tip. “Exercise, exercise, exercise, and exercise again and drink lots of water,” she said in the video.

As for what handbag to pair with your work ensemble, Wintour doesn’t carry one (she probably has someone to do that for her.) But until you get to that level, she suggests a cross-body bag as it allows your hands to be free. “To be honest, I rarely wear a handbag but I am told by my team here at Vogue that it’s all about the cross-body handbag. Which makes a lot of sense to me because it’s practical, hands-free. You can bicycle around Manhattan enjoying Central Park and they also come in every shape, size, fabrication, so that would be my tip for the season.”

Watch Wintour’s full video interview below.